Runic Relay: The Trials is a First Person Platforming game with a focus on Speedrunning. Play as an apprentice wizard who has entered in a competition called “The Trials.” Each trial takes place in a magically constructed dungeon, and consists of a short challenge that the player must complete using the tools given to them. These tools include multiple spells, which the player can use in tandem with one another to complete tasks that one spell alone might not be able to. Players compete on a global leaderboard to use whatever spells they can to complete each trial as fast as possible.

Runic Relay Title Screen
Runic Relay Preview Screenshot

Spell Combinations

There are four spells available to players: Fireball, a spell used to shoot targets and light things on fire; Conduit, a controlled ball of static energy that shocks nearby objects; Shear, a gust of wind to give the player a burst of speed; and Tether, a chain of lightning that allows the player to swing around the environment. Each of these spells combine with one another, and the result of each combination is a powerful tool to get through each new task. It will take a mastery of all four spells and their combinations to get through The Trials!

Puzzling Levels With Varied Solutions

Players are able to customize which spells are available to them in each Trial. Each Trial has multiple potential solutions, each one possibly faster than the last. Find which combination works best for you to complete the Trials as swiftly as you can!

Runic Relay Preview Screenshot